Shoring Services

When it comes to trenchless technology, Hass Horizontal specializes in working amidst obstacle course.  We offer multiple trench shoring solutions customized to meet your project's requirements, utilizing half a century of expretise in trench safety solutions.  We are committed to techniques that are non-disruptive, economical and environmentally friendly.

We provide a safe, efficient, and trouble-free working space - a key element to the success of any underground project.  We've found that safety requirements often dictate the trenchless method selected, causing constraints for the contractor.  Hass facilitates a wide array of trench safety options, eliminating those constraints and providing more flexibility within a project design.

Our highly-trained technicians are armed with priceless expertise and immediate access to specialized equipment, reducing many problems which are frequently encountered in today's challenging projects.  Hass Horizontal's team of professionals analyze every aspect of each job in order to propose the safest, most efficient and cost effective trench shoring method to guarantee the satisfaction of both the customer and the contractor.